Why use restraint

There are good and logical reasons for safety seatbelts being mandatory in most countries – they save lives! Every year, people have been saved from death and serious injuries, thanks to safety seatbelts in the car. The driver and passengers must always wear a safety seatbelt, when driving a car on the roads, and it’s all for their personal sake and safety.

Here at MJ Autosadelmager, we take pride in offering additional measures, that enable the user to be maintained in the seat while driving. The belts are used in addition to the original safety seatbelt system in the car / bus – and we always perform our work with thoroughness and professionalism – we feel we have a responsibility, and we live up to that!

Restraints – Denmark

We offer our services to customers. On this website, you may find information in our gallery, and thus get a picture of the versatile harness systems we offer. You are always welcome to contact us if you have questions about our services.