Magnetic seat belt

It is extremely important, that you read the installation manual thoroughly before installing and using the magnetic harness. We also recommend that all guidelines and instructions regarding safety and usage, are followed in order to ensure optimal utilization of the harness.

The magnetic harness is designed to be used as a fixing belt in a vehicle, car, bus, etc. The belt is applied to a seat with a backrest, which is fastened to the vehicle.

The magnetic harness can be used for kids and young adults.

The magnetic harness is NOT at safety seatbelt, but a fixation belt ensuring the child’s proper position on the seat.

If using the magnetic harness for any other purpose than described, CE Mark and warranty only applies by getting written approval by the manufacturer. 


Read about EU-Overensstemmelseserklæring





Product.                A:              B:              C:              Itemnr..

Children                      68cm        30cm        28cm       150036B

Adults                 95cm        40cm        40cm       150036V



Magnetselen kan åbnes ekstra meget, til stive og ikke så fleksible brugere.



Magnetselen har mulighed for flere indstillings muligheder, så den kan tilpasses brugeren og det enkelte sæde.