Bus seat belt

It is extremely important, that you read the installation manual thoroughly before installing and using the MJ bus harness. We also recommend that all guidelines and instructions regarding safety and usage are followed in order to ensure optimal utilization of the harness.

The MJ bus harness is designed to be used as a fixing belt in a vehicle, car, bus, etc. The belt is applied to a seat with a backrest which is fastened to the vehicle.

The MJ bus harness can be used for kids and young adults.

The MJ bus harness is NOT at safety seat belt, but a fixation belt ensuring the child’s proper position on the seat.

If using the MJ bus harness for any other purpose than described, CE Mark and warranty only applies by getting written approval by the manufacturer. 


Read about EU-Overensstemmelseserklæring



Sizes based on the approx. height of the user:

Ekstra small:               90cm – 110cm

Small:                         110cm – 130cm

Medium:                    130cm – 150cm

Large:                         150cm – 170cm

Ekstra large:              170cm – 190cm



Product              A:              B:             HMI-nr.     Itemnr.    

XS                     50cm        20cm                         150029

S                       55cm        25cm        77348      150030

M                       63cm        32cm        77366      150031

L                        74cm        40cm        77367      150032

XL                      80cm        47cm                         150033



Can be adjusted by using the buckles on the back of the seat.