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New vendor for Carfix belt and harness systems
As owner of the company “MJ Autosadelmager” I am pleased to inform that I by 1. February 2013 have taken over the production and dealership of the popular belt and harness system from Carfix Seating. Michael Laustsen, former owner of Carfix Seating, has unfortunately been forced to close down his business earlier this year due to the financial situation.

A Well-reputed company since 1964
“MJ Autosadelmager” is a well-reputed company with experience in the business since 1964. We are known for personal service and high quality work and we look forward to build a new business relation with you.

Carfix Seating – same unique products and high quality
You can fully trust that the Carfix Seating products you will purchase in the future are identical and of same high quality as the belts you have received in the past. This can be guaranteed as we use the same suppliers of materials and we have hired the experienced sewing machinists who use to work for Michael Laustsen. Model numbers are unchanged and we hold
inventory of finished products.
Going forward I will be your new contact person and you are always welcome to contact me with
questions, orders or special inquiries. If needed, a personal meeting can naturally be arranged.

Usermanual for Busbelt
Usermanual for Easy Travel
Usermanual for Five Point belt
Usermanual for Magnet clasp belt
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Best Regards,
Morten Jespersen (Owner)
Phone: 0045 86 24 33 50